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Love Learning

Northern Beaches Christian School

An independent co-ed school, from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Our school is a Christian community that supports and encourages learning, growth, wellbeing, connection and belonging. This rich foundation is reflected in our Vision, Mission and Values, developing in our students a lifelong love of learning and hope for the future.

Kindy at NBCS is the beginning of a wonderful, lifelong adventure into loving learning. This is the beginning of the foundation for student learning, especially in literacy and numeracy.

NBCS Primary students are well-known, well-loved and well-taught. They are equipped to develop firm foundations for a life of growth and discovery.

With a commitment to academic excellence, our aim is to offer consistent and high expectations for our Secondary students, helping them to reach their greatest potential.

Our Vision is Love Learning.

It is the reason that our school exists.

We love learning because we know that the future is unknown and subject to change. We prepare our students for an unknown future by helping them become learners.

Northern Beaches Christian School

Excellence in Education

At the heart of NBCS is the pursuit of academic excellence.

We recognise that this will look different for every student, whether they are in Primary school or High school, but our hope is that each individual learning journey will be shaped by curiosity and a love of discovery.

Christianity in Action

Giving students a sense of belonging and connection fosters their wellbeing.

Motivated by God’s love, we are intentional about nurturing and growing young people who will make a positive impact on Australian society as its future leaders. We believe that giving students a sense of belonging and connection fosters their wellbeing and motivates them to engage with school and learning.

A love of learning into the future

We aim to support and bring out the best in each and every student, opening for them a wide and wonderful future, a future that they can face with confidence as they head into the unknown.

World Class Education Facilities

We have realised a bold vision for our campus, inspiring new possibilities for learning.

Love Learning at Northern Beaches Christian School

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