Defining Our Values

Choosing a school for our children is one of the most important decisions we make as parents. School choice is no longer based primarily on location, but rather on values that connect with our family values and the needs of each of our children. Basically, we all want the best school for our precious kids. A school where they are happy, and will receive the best education possible preparing them for their future.

This term, I am returning to NBCS after being on leave for over a year. Whilst being away I have found myself reflecting on the values that hold the most importance for me, both as a staff member and a parent of children who are currently attending, or have recently completed, their schooling at NBCS.

Each family will value certain aspects of the NBCS community more than other aspects – each family is different. Ask yourself, what is it you value most about the education at NBCS? The following list is not exhaustive, but captures the essence of NBCS:

  1. Christian foundations – NBCS is a Christian school where both the Christian worldview and values are lived.
  2. Caring community of teachers and other support staff.
  3. Personalised learning - knowing your child will be treated as an individual.
  4. Excellence in education – the aim to provide a rigorous academic program to both challenge and extend the learning of all students.
  5. Technology enhanced learning – taking into account the current world we live in and the future.
  6. 21st century skills incorporated into the learning – teamwork, innovation, problem solving, creativity and community.
  7. Community opportunities in sport, music, missions, leadership or other key areas of school life.

Whichever aspects of NBCS were the reasons you chose our school, we do not take it lightly that you have entrusted us with your children’s education. Together, with you, we aim to provide a supportive environment where our students – your kids – can grow, learn and develop into the incredible young men and women they are.

Jenny Exton
Head of Secondary

Jenny Exton