GO Cambodia 2014

During the last holidays, a team of 11 students and 3 teachers travelled to Cambodia as part of the NBCS Global Opportunities program. After a number of days in the capital of Phnom Penh immersing in cultural and historical orientation, the team travelled 3 hours north up the Mekong River to the remote rural villages of Stung Trong. This area has a population of around 118,000 people, all living in extremely poor village conditions.

The main emphasis for our students was to run a children’s program in six of the villages that the Stung Trong Church is supporting with healthcare and education. Our students organised and led many games and activities with village kids as part of the program.

The staff leaders of the team are incredibly proud of the student team, and particularly the commitment they poured into the program. The students demonstrated a strong sense of unity and team spirit, which enabled them to work together in an incredible way – impacting many children across multiple villages. It was an extremely rewarding trip, with a lot of fun and laughter along the way.

The cultural highlight of the trip was a visit to the ancient city of Angkor. The team was able to explore the temples of Bayon, Ta Prom, Angkor Thom, and of course the famous temple of Angkor Wat – now considered the eighth wonder of the world.

We have put together a photo gallery of highlights from the trip and along the journey.

Mick Norsa