GO Rwanda 2014

The GO Rwanda team this year was comprised of 10 students and 8 adults, spending 2 weeks in Rwanda’s Northern Province. The structure of the program is to work primarily in local schools, with a focus on building English literacy skills and running workshops about entrepreneurial thinking, work ethic, and innovation. The students on team rose to every challenge they faced, demonstrating great leadership and resilience.

The trip starts and ends with many hours in the air and on the road, flying first to Johannesburg, then on to Kigali. The town of Musanze, where we are based for the majority of the trip, is a further 2.5 hour drive north of the capital, into an incredibly scenic landscape – the backdrop of which is 7 volcanoes. It is in Musanze that the team get to more authentically engage with day-to-day Rwandan life, sharing in the markets experience, and going for early morning walks into the neighbouring valleys each day.

The morning walks were a highlight for the team – walking into the valley, guitar in hand, and singing for people who paused to join in on their way to the markets to sell produce. By the time we began at 6am, the day was well and truly underway for the local residents, with some having already walked several hours to be in the vicinity of the Musanze township. Over the course of the 2 weeks, several people would regularly join in each day and dance along, which was also a great opportunity for the team to raise a few laughs as we practised Kinyarwandan vocabulary.

Mark Burgess