Project Barcelona - Building Update No. 2

Construction for Project Barcelona is now 5 months in, and the recent run of fine weather has seen great progress. To this point, much of the work has been underground and laying the foundations – with deceptively little to be seen above the surface. That will change this week as the columns and framework start to be put into place, which will very quickly give a sense of the scale and scope of the building.

The design of the building uses a technique where multiple concrete prongs have been drilled deep into the ground and are ready for the concrete pillars to be lifted into position. After that it won’t be long until the metal connections that form the roof will be locked into position as well.

The concrete pillars or pylons have a hollow core, and will be used to bring water captured on the roof to the subterranean retention tank (currently visible in the lower section of the construction site). The water will then be used for watering the indoor and outdoor gardens within the precinct, as well as providing water for the sewage system. The columns become the literal ‘trees’ supporting the canopy.

On a workplace safety note, specialist cranes will be in use on the day the pillars are lifted into place. As a safety precaution, any classroom or playground areas in the existing building adjacent to where the crane is will be vacated for the full length of time the crane is in use. The building company is seeking to minimise the impact on the school.

The indoor-outdoor garden that will adjoin the Hub and Zone Buildings is also beginning to take shape. The concrete retaining walls around this area have been under construction over the past few weeks, and give a snapshot of the final shape of the area. The new building has deliberately used gardens to help define spaces throughout the precinct, putting into practice our understanding that plants have an incredibly important role in an ecosystem as they oxygenate the atmosphere. The landscaping throughout the building will also provide a fantastic backdrop to learning, as well as gently defining and differentiating spaces inside the Atrium.

We are at an exciting stage as the building begins to take shape more visibly. I would like to offer the opportunity to any parent to share a guided walk around campus if you find this new building inspirational – or would simply like to understand it a little more. Contact can be made through the School Office.

Follow the progress on Instagram: @ProjectBarcelona

Mr Stephen Harris