Project Barcelona

A new vision in school design

Project Barcelona is the most significant building project to date at NBCS. The project is creating a new area that will be the heart of the campus – the epicentre of learning and community at NBCS. The project will provide exceptional new spaces for learning, gathering and administration, and will become the new signature building for the campus.


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What are we building?

Times Square / Central Park

The largest component of the new building is an atrium space. The lower half of the atrium will be known as the Times Square. This area will have a stage for performances, and a large staircase for seating and gathering. The upper section of the atrium will be known as Central Park, and will have a number of spaces defined by landscaped areas.

Treehouse and Cafe

In the centre of the atrium is a raised, open learning space, to be known as The Treehouse. This space will be accessible via a staircase from the level below, or a bridge from the adjacent building. Underneath this raised area will be a new kitchen and serving area for the cafe and canteen, as well as places to sit and eat.

Manhattan co-working space

Along the southern wall of the atrium will be an L-shaped building with multiple levels. The upper level of this building includes a large co-working space called Manhattan. On the lower level will be a new learning area for Science, as well as toilet and storage facilities.

Student Services

The Student Services section is adjacent to Central Park, and includes a new Student Reception, First Aid area, and areas for the Pastoral Care staff, Relationships Team, and Student Opportunities Team. On the level above this space will be a collaborative work space for the Senior Leadership Team.


What are the core principles behind the project?

The brief given to the architects included the following considerations:

  • To use glass, height, space, light and natural elements; to converge outdoor with indoor
  • To be a statement about school design and innovation; to embody our values for learning and encourage new paradigm thinking
  • To be resourceful with existing facilities; to re-energize and connect existing spaces in new ways
  • To use sustainability principles in design and in the on-going use of the building
  • To be highly intuitive about space design; to have versatility between spaces to learn and spaces to gather; to be imaginative in furniture design