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Commerce students play the sharemarket game!

Jun 12, 2020

Year 9 and 10 Commerce students played the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game and invested  $50,000 worth of virtual money in stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange. Over the ten week challenge, NBCS syndicates made a profit of 87% – which outperformed the 17,011 international syndicates who had a profit of 71%. Special mention to the following Top 5 students this round, who made a combined profit of $131,101.33 – Jamie Griffiths, Toby Lynch, Ella Dark, Liam Godfrey and Sarah Palangio. (View our winners’ portfolio chart below.)


The game enhanced the Year 9 topic of Investing, as students learnt about the risks and rewards associated with the Australian Stock Exchange. As they lived through a unique time in history due to COVID-19, they also participated in a simulated way by examining closely the movements of the stock market.


Quotes from participants:
I loved to see my money go up over time.
I loved learning about how to invest and what the safest way to invest is.
I loved how we could buy our shares like it was real as each price was based on the real life price.
I was able to make my own decisions and what I did almost directly impacted my portfolio value.


As well as the ASX Sharemarket Game, Year 9 Commerce students participated in a Zoom presentation from presenters who work with CommBank. The students were active participants as they floated ‘imaginary companies’ on the ASX and learnt about the various investment options available and the importance of having just one Superannuation account.


Samantha Archer
HSIE Teacher


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