The following Primary events will be impacted by changes, as directed by the advice from the NSW Department of Health and the NSW Government.

Cancelled Events
  • Operation Joy lunchtime Wednesdays
  • All PISA Sport – training and games
  • Co-curricular Music Incursion (Monday 23 March)
  • Co-curricular Music Excursion (Wednesday 25 March)
  • CIS swimming and diving championships (Thursday 26 March)
  • Gateways event (Wednesday 1st April/Thursday 2 April)
  • NSW PSSA Swimming Carnival (Monday 6 /Tuesday 7 April)
  • CIS Boys Soccer Championships (Wednesday 8 April)
  • Sports Swimming Assembly (Wednesday 8 April)
  • Sydney Writers’ Festival (Wednesday 6 May)
Continuing Events – at this stage
  • SPM’s Years 1-6 (Tuesday 24 March)
  • PISA trials (Friday 3 April)
  • SPM’s Years 1-6 (Wednesday 1 April)
  • Kindergarten end of term celebration (Tuesday 7 April)
  • Primary Cross Country (Thursday 9 April) – UPDATE: now changed to Thursday 26 March, no spectators

Please note: The Student Progress Meetings will take place via a phone interview. Your interview will take place at the time you have scheduled. Please be ready and available to take the call at your allotted time. The interview will be for 10 minutes and will need to remain on schedule because of the number of calls that teachers will be making.

We thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate these changing times together.