You are warmly invited to join us for a Day Tour. Upcoming dates and RSVP information for both Primary and Secondary are listed below.

We are now enrolling for Kindy 2019 and beyond, and receiving applications for Year 7, 2020 and beyond. New applications are welcome. Parents wishing to lodge an application for Year 7 are usually strongly advised to do so many years in advance. Please note that applications for Year 7 in 2018 and 2019 are now closed.

For more information and all enrolment enquiries, please contact our Registrar Sue Durant by email on enrol@nbcs.nsw.edu.au or calling Reception on 02 9450 1311.

For enquires regarding enrolment for 2018 please phone our Registrar, Sue Durant, on 9986 7289.

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Additional Information

For more information about transport, uniform, laptops, and school policy, please see the FAQ section.