Carparks and Traffic



Access to the school ground is via the roundabout (bus stop) in Echunga Road. Most parents should expect to enter via the main school gate, the second entrance to the right of the roundabout), leading into the ‘drive through and drop off/pick-up’ area.

There are 4 distinct carpark areas:

  • Drive through and drop off area (adjacent to SCIL Building)
  • Preschool carpark (adjacent to MPC)
  • Short-stay carpark - under 5 minutes (beyond MPC, bush side)
  • Long-stay and staff carpark (adjacent to oval, first/smaller entrance from Echunga Road)

The speed limit within the school is 10 km/h. Expect children to be around, and drive with caution at all times.

Buses have priority in Echunga Road. Please be aware and give way to any buses leaving or joining the flow of traffic, waiting if necessary.

Staff and Senior Leadership Team members are present during peak morning and afternoon times. Please follow all instructions given by staff. Approach crossings with caution, expecting to stop.

To minimise distractions, please turn off music/radio, and do not use a mobile phone at any time whilst driving. Ensure children always are wearing seat-belts before starting the engine, and pets and animals should not be unrestrained at any time.


Morning Drop-off

Entering the main school gate, students should be dropped off in left lane adjacent to the SCIL Building, parallel to the curb.

Parents wishing to walk their child into school when dropping them off (mornings only) should enter the main school gate and proceed around the internal roundabout (near the recycling bay), back into the drive through area and park in the lanes adjacent to the bush side, approaching the pedestrian crossing. Please ensure you always use the pedestrian crossing.

Kindy parents wishing to park and walk students to the classroom should proceed through the internal roundabout to the short stay parking behind the MPC bush side.

Afternoon Pick-up

For afternoon pick up, enter the main school gate and proceed around the internal roundabout (near the recycle bay), into the drive through and form a queue in the dual pick-up lanes on the bush side, waiting in your car. Staff will manage the queue as necessary, extending into the drop-off lanes and back onto Echunga Road.

Students will be called by staff members and walked across the crossing.

If you do not have a laminated sign for your dashboard (with your surname and the grades your children are in), please contact the School Office. This will ensure you can collect your children swiftly and efficiently.


Throughout the year you may attend special school events during the school day or after hours, and although onsite parking is obviously limited, there will be parking attendants directing traffic and assisting with parking.

To assist the school community as a whole, please be sure to follow parking signage, for example, no parking in the bus zone on the south side of Echunga Road or in the reserved Preschool parking spaces (Mon-Wed only).


Occasional Visits

Parents visiting the School Office or collecting a student early for a medical appointment or taking a sick student home, will generally find parking behind the MPC or in the drive through drop off lane, but be sure to depart before 2.30pm so that the afternoon trafficis not blocked.


Speed Limit

Student safety is the first priority at all times. Drivers should take care, adhere to the 10 km/h Speed Limit within the school grounds, and School Zone Speed Limit of 40 km/h in Echunga Road.


L-Plate Drivers

Students driving to school with a Learner Licence are requested to enter the main school gate and proceed around the internal roundabout (near the recycle bay), back into the drive through area, and park in bush-side lanes, to park in order to remove L-Plates and change drivers.