Students taking the 2020 HSC exams will now have their COVID-19 test result fast tracked through pathology. They simply need to advise the nurse or doctor doing the test they are HSC students.

Results will be fast tracked to reduce disruption to their studies and exams. We also want to reduce potential anxiety around getting tested and ensure students self-isolate at home until results are known. This will help protect the whole community.

It is important that all HSC students:

  • Stay 1.5m apart where possible
  • Wear a mask if physical distancing isn’t possible
  • Get tested asap if they have even the mildest of symptoms
  • Tell the clinician doing the test they are a HSC student and to mark the referral ‘Urgent – HSC student’
  • Stay home and self-isolate until results are known
  • Receive a negative test result before returning to school; showing the school a screenshot of an SMS result is sufficient
  • Call the contact number provided by the clinic if results are not received within 36 hours

As social young adults, senior students may be at greater risk of COVID-19 than the younger children at school.

They’re also more likely to be out and about in situations which could put them at risk of COVID-19 if they don’t stay vigilant.

Find the nearest testing clinic at: