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Learning and Wellbeing at NBCS

Feb 21, 2022

Recently I have spoken to students about learning, reminding them that they are people first, then students, but that we are a school, and learning is our focus. We aim to strike the right balance as we support, care for, and teach our students.

In Assembly today, I outlined the structure of our Wellbeing system. It is designed to ensure that the right care is provided to the right students in the right way at the right time. In Primary, the classroom teacher is the first port of call for Wellbeing. In Secondary, it is the Mentor. From there, in Primary, issues are escalated to the Deputy Head of Primary, Mrs Cutmore. In Secondary, as more significant issues arise, they are overseen by the Year Adviser. Beyond that, in Primary and Secondary, we have a Wellbeing Adviser, an Assistant Principal Wellbeing and an Assistant Principal Welfare. In this way, the classroom teacher and mentor carry some of the load, as do others involved in the process.

Along with those mentioned, there are three school counsellors, Mrs Tania Thompson, Mrs Mairead Brannigan and Mrs Christine Castle. They work with students, staff, and families, as well as with external providers to offer higher levels of care for those with greatest need. They address wellbeing holistically.

Additionally, Mrs Jenny Phillips and Mrs Julie Smith, as Heads Secondary and Primary respectively, work strongly with families to ensure that each student’s wellbeing supports and enhances learning rather than hinders or detracts from it.
Wellbeing often intersects with learning. Sometimes the main issue is wellbeing, addressed by the team above. At other times, the key issue is learning, which impinges on wellbeing too. Our Learning Enrichment team works to address stand-alone learning issues and those that cross over with wellbeing. Under the leadership of Mrs Fiona Butler, Mr Bill Knock and Mr David Menton work with students in Secondary, while Mrs Barb Lacoste, Mrs Ann Lovett, and Mrs Yvette Anderson work with students in Primary.

Many students do not need additional intervention for wellbeing or learning. Many others do, some occasionally, some on a more consistent basis. Our aim is to help all students face and overcome their challenges. Our Learning Enrichment team is equipped to identify and work with students, staff, and families for the benefit of those who need support, those who need enrichment, and those who classify as “the missing middle”, those who can achieve more.

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