NBCS Congratulates the Class of 2014

NBCS congratulates all of its HSC students of 2014. We are especially delighted to announce that around 20% of the grade attained an ATAR of 90 or higher (20 students), with at least another four very close to 90. This is proportionally (and in real terms), the largest number of students NBCS has ever seen attain an ATAR in this range – and pays testimony to the outstanding commitment of this grade, the teaching staff and parent supporters. (It is probably important to mention that NBCS does not offer any academic scholarships.)

Out of this group, at least seven students have an ATAR between 95 and 99.

We congratulate Emily Barker, Lucy Batchelor, Lisa Best, Hannah Burn, Georgia Busuttil, Ellen Cregan, Harry Gatward, Joshua Gibbons, Jaymi Hamilton, Andrea Henning, David Ireland, Tommy Liao , Stephanie Mackillop, Katerine-Anne MacKinnon-Lee, Jackson Pengilly, Remy Pilot, Michael Rosser, Alison Rowe, Paul Statheos, Josh Thornton, Hannah Vaughan, Robert Walker, Emily Welinski, Sam Whybrow.

Special congratulations to Daniel (DJ) Thornton, Joshua Gibbons, Lisa Best, Katerine-Ann MacKinnon-Lee for their outstanding results in particular.

Joshua Gibbons received special mention as being in the top 10 students in the state in Engineering Science (7th). Well done and congratulations Joshua!

Among many HSC highlights – some stand-outs:

  • There were 52 separate Band 6 results (top band possible).
  • NBCS students were higher than the state mean in 26/34 subjects.
  • 100% of NBCS Music students (11) attained either Band 5 or 6 (top two bands); 54.54% in Band 6 c.f. 18.23% state-wide
  • In Textiles & Design 50% of students attained a band 6 (top band) result.
  • We had our highest number of students attain Band 6 in Advanced English – five students, with another seven just a couple of marks off. 67.92% of NBCS students attained Bands 5 or 6 c.f. 59.3% state-wide.
  • NBCS students did very well in Standard English as well – more than double the state average of students represented in the top bands.
  • 23.52% of NBCS students attained a Band 6 (top band) in Society & Culture c.f. 12.51% state-wide.
  • In Food Technology 60% of NBCS students were placed in Bands 5 & 6 c.f. 28% state-wide.
  • In Engineering Science 15.38% of NBCS students attained a Band 6 result c.f. 9.15% state-wide.
  • In Extension History (and with a small class candidature) 100% attained a Band 6 result.
  • Software Design & Development was again extremely strong with 13.33% of NBCS students attaining a Band 6 result c.f. 6.9% state-wide
  • In Visual Arts 70% of NBCS attained a Band 5 or 6 result c.f. 48% state-wide.
  • NBCS was higher than state averages in Bands 5 & 6 in Mathematics, General Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics:
  • - Mathematics NBCS: NBCS 60.7% c.f. state 53.74%
  • - Extension 1 Mathematics: NBCS 87.5% c.f. state 84.4%
  • - General Mathematics: NBCS 35.93% c.f. state 25%

All in all we celebrate with all the Year 12 class of 2014 – and wish them well for their futures. We have also heard of students being offered university scholarships today and a number of students who were offered university placement prior to the HSC on the basis of application, interview and selection. We are also aware that NBCS students were nominated for a range of state-wide HSC performances or exhibitions.

Disclaimer: we apologise to any student who may have been missed in the above information. Schools do not directly receive ATAR information and we had to rely on communications today.

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