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Musica Viva Incursion For Primary Music

Aug 31, 2020

How lucky we are to have music in our lives during this year of upheaval.

Despite the restrictions in place for schools, our Primary students were able to spread across the MPC space and enjoy watching the Musica Viva band Adam Hall and the Velvet Players perform via a Zoom link. The musicians played their instruments, danced and had fun with Jazz music all the way from Perth!

Since the beginning of this term our Primary students have been preparing for the Musica Viva incursion by learning songs, composing jungle music and practising great dance moves. When it came to watching them live online, our pupils were full of enthusiasm, as were the performers. The interactive performance brought some life into their slightly restricted world at the moment.

Mrs Trevelyan-Jones commented that since she started as a Music teacher at NBCS in the beginning of the year, she has noticed how the Primary students have grown in their passion for music through singing, playing rhythm games and drumming on buckets. She explained that Stage 3 have also been composing, using online resources and developing their knowledge of music theory to create wonderful pieces. Stage 2 have enjoyed recording themselves performing rhythmic patterns and playing notation games as well as singing. They have loved listening to the sound of their own voices. The younger K-2 students have been the most enthusiastic music students at NBCS. They have enjoyed teaching Mrs Smith to sing through actions and not making a sound! They loved learning how to read notation and perform rhythms with fun names and the use of hand signs to depict melodies moving up or down.



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