Hot Mikado (2016)

The school musical this year was ‘Hot Mikado’, based on the classic Gilbert and Sullivan love triangle story and songs, but adapted with a 1940s New York jazz aesthetic and style. The cast delivered outstanding performances to create a highly entertaining visually spectacular show, supported by an expert production crew and creative team.

The lead cast included Patrick Dunstan, Rosie Prince, Lucas van Rhijn, Matthew Hinton, Sophie Waller, Ella Thornton, Thomas Palmer, Taylor Sheahan and Simon Buchner.

Thank you to director Jeff Fisher for his oversight of the production and continuing a legacy of professional, high quality musical productions, supported by the creative trio of choreographer Christie Koppe, music director Phil Rees, and costume designer Michelle Gray. A special thank you too to producer Tamara Buttrose whose behind-the-scenes administration made the production possible.

Photography: Tim Pascoe Photography