Covid-19 Updates

HSC: COVID-19 Update

Students taking the 2020 HSC exams will now have their COVID-19 test result fast tracked through pathology. They simply need to advise the nurse or doctor doing the test they are HSC students.

COVID-19 Update

The Chief Health Officer for NSW, Dr Kerry Chant, has written to all schools across NSW about the implementation of additional measures.

The measures to minimise risk are effectively those that we already have in place.

Year 12 Update

Updates on the Year 12 Graduation and Formal due to COVID, along with an encouragement to finish strong.

Term 3 & COVID-19

Updates on the status of continued face-to-face learning, wearing of face masks and isolation.

NSW/Victoria Border Closure

As you are no doubt aware, events in Victoria have brought about the imminent closure of the NSW/Victoria border.

Co-curricular Workshops – Term 3

We are thrilled to announce that we will be resuming face to face co-curricular workshops from the beginning of Term 3, with Government advice being strictly monitored at all times.

Click on the applicable links for extensive information about all the workshops on offer and application forms. 

Managing risk as we move back to face-to-face learning

Week 3 will see the resumption of face-to-face learning for Kindergarten to Year 6, Year 11 and Year 12. All things going well, Week 4 will see the return of Years 7-10.

The simplest advice provided by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, advice endorsed and applied in each state and territory, for parents, children and teachers, is as follows.

Year 12 – Updates from NESA & UAC

Last Friday and today, NESA and UAC, respectively, issued media releases. The impact of these medial releases on Year 12 are summarised as below.

Remote Learning Update – Term 2

I trust that school holidays have afforded some measure of respite from the final weeks of Term 1. Our plan for the first four weeks of Term 2 is as follows.

Year 12 Update

The latest NESA media release announced a number of key decisions made by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) COVID-19 Response Committee for the 2020 HSC. Here are the updates.

Christian radio station Hope 103.2 interviewed Tim Watson last week about the impact of COVID-19 on schools and families in the community, and the move to remote learning for many.

Year 12 2020 – An unusual final year of school

Year 12 is challenging and delightful in various ways. People talk about it as being the hardest and best year of your school lives. Not too many others will have a final year of school like yours. This year is one that you will long remember, for lots of reasons.

Remote Counselling

The NBCS Wellbeing Team and School Counsellors want to be able to continue to support students and parents in the best way possible. However, in these challenging times we are needing to think through how to do things a little differently.

Remote Learning – Day One, Phase One

Do you remember the first time you tried to change gears as you learnt to drive? Or the first time you had to do a hill start? I am pretty sure that for me, there was a little too much accelerator and the clutch release was a little too late. I remember a few bunny hops, the occasional stall and roll-back.

Message from our Senior Chaplain

NBCS Senior Chaplain, Damien Whitington provides helpful and hopeful encouragement. More videos from Damien Whitington as the Scruffy Chaplain: How could a good God allow suffering? What do we do when God’s timing seems off and it looks...

Remote Learning – Secondary Student Expectations

We greatly appreciate the way that families are working with us as a school during this difficult time. To assist students and parents in the transition to Remote Learning, we have put together a short set of Remote Learning Student Expectations.

Attempting clarity in a time of confusion

Thank you for your willingness to navigate this journey with us. We share with you in wanting the best for your children. Along with many, I had been hoping for a more definitive statement regarding schools this morning.

COVID-19 Virus: Parent Update – NBCS Primary Cancelled Events

The following Primary events will be impacted by changes, as directed by the advice from the NSW Department of Health and the NSW Government. Cancelled Events Operation Joy lunchtime Wednesdays All PISA Sport - training and games Co-curricular Music Incursion (Monday...

Wellbeing and COVID-19

On my way home from work yesterday I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some groceries for dinner. As I was confronted with row after row of empty shelves, it felt like a stark visual representation of the increasingly uncertain times we are in. Amid all this uncertainty, it is normal to feel anxious, frustrated, vulnerable, confused, or fearful.

NBCS Remote Learning Plan

The NBCS Remote Learning Plan provides an overview of how learning will continue in the event of the school being required to close. We intend to provide ongoing, supported instruction for all students, maintaining a sense of connection, community and continuity of learning.

COVID-19 Virus: Parent Update

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” - Psalm 94:19 Take Precautions and Help Others Across the weekend, I came across a letter that Martin Luther wrote in 1527, during a time of the bubonic plague in Wittenberg. He wrote “Therefore I...

The School’s response to COVID-19

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” - James 4:8 “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Attributed to Winston Churchill during WWII Most people have reacted sensibly to COVID-19, seeing it as something to be prepared for, rather than as a cause for deep...

Latest News & Events

15&U NBCS Cricket Team wins the Manly Shield Final

15&U NBCS Cricket Team wins the Manly Shield Final

Our 15&U NBCS Cricket Team won the Manly Shield Final for a third year in a row. It was an extremely close match that came down to the last over. Well done to the team for their grit, determination and sportsmanship- a well-deserved achievement!    ...

Excellence in Education in Mathematics

Excellence in Education in Mathematics

In 2020, students in Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11 competed in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). The AMC is for students of all standards and is particularly suited to students who enjoy mathematics. Students are asked to solve 30 problems in 75 minutes. The...

Students selected for the CIS Tennis Selection Championships

Students selected for the CIS Tennis Selection Championships

Congratulations to Lachlan and Tahlia McFadzean on their selection into the CSSA Team to play at the CIS Tennis Selection Championships. Whilst Tahlia was defeated in her first round, given she is only in Year 7 and playing against girls up to 5 years older than...

Secondary Student Leaders Lead Through Service

Secondary Student Leaders Lead Through Service

Monica Clarke, CRU Prefect, reported that there was a lot of excitement as well as nerves amongst the Year 7 students who started Secondary at NBCS this year. The Secondary Student Leaders joined Mentor Groups and assisted the Mentor Teachers with helping the Year 7’s...

Primary Swimming Carnival 2021

Primary Swimming Carnival 2021

Tuesday 9 February was the annual Years 2-6 Swimming Carnival at Ryde Aquatic Centre. Students had an amazing day and were involved in competitive races and non-competitive activities, including the water slide and the lizard lane. There were many outstanding...