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Order in the Court – Mock Trial

Aug 28, 2020

Order in the Court – Mock Trial

A group of six talented students bravely entered the virtual courtroom for Round 2 in the Law Society of NSW Mock Trial Competition. As the defence side, our team had to create reasonable doubt in a difficult larceny case, where the odds were stacked against them. Our defendant, the ever so convincing Aryan Ilkhani did, in fact, commit the act. However, our rigorous barristers, India Fletcher and Romina Castro worked hard at arguing on the grounds of lack of intent. Callum Richardson, the solicitor, was able to quickly poke holes in the case of the prosecution. Our character witness, Sophia Laing, held up under a withering cross-examination, ably assisted by Jacob Murray as the Court Officer, who kept in the court in fine order. Most notably the first witness, Aryan Ilkhani, presented such a strong testimony that the barrister showered him with praise. After four gruelling hours, NBCS’ team struggled to create enough reasonable doubt, with a final score of 244 to 246, with a meagre two-point difference.

After Round 2, our students reflected on what they have learnt from the Mock Trial Competition thus far. They commented that they are learning how to work effectively as a team through having meaningful discussions, whilst developing a better understanding of legal proceedings.

Overall, the team have worked tirelessly. They have given up numerous lunchtime sessions and fine-tuned their cohesion and preparation. The comment from the presiding magistrate was that it was evident the team was “all working together”. As a result, the team are very much looking forward to their next case.

Suvini Kottegoda
HSIE Teacher


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