Co-curricular opportunities

Developing creativity, passion, skills, leadership and team work.

There are many ways for our students to explore and develop their interests

The NBCS community is thriving with a great range of co-curricular opportunities for students in both Primary and Secondary from dance and art, to cooking and computer programming.

We offer a variety of co-curricular programs that help develop students’ creativity, passion, personal skills, leadership and team work. Our parent community can find more detailed information on days, times and how to enrol, in the ‘Co-curricular’ section of our Parent Portal.

Below is a sample of the type of programs on offer for our student community:

Dance Ensembles

Dance ensembles provide students with the opportunity to develop and refine their technical skills in a variety of dance styles and experiences. NBCS dance ensembles work together to rehearse and perform items both within and outside of school.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program gives students the space to create. Students can make and exhibit art individually and as a group, as they explore different drawing techniques and mixed media artworks.


Students have the opportunity to explore the medium of acting in a fun and safe environment. They are encouraged to learn through a variety of games and activities, including, role play, storytelling, improvisation exercises, imaginative play, speech and performance skills.


There are many avenues for students to explore and develop their musical talents with a great breadth of ensembles and bands to join. More information can be found on our Music page.


Our Photography course gives students the opportunity to learn to capture quality images with any camera as they gain a greater understanding of light and compositional techniques. Beginners are taught the creative but non-technical side of photography, while intermediate students have the opportunity to practice creative techniques through class challenges.

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