Alan Schultz

General Manager

As General Manager, Alan is focused on ensuring the vision of NBCS is resourced. Alan is responsible for asset acquisition and management across the School. His background experience and skills are essential to the school’s Senior Leadership Team and in leading the Business, Administration, Finance and Grounds Maintenance sections of the school.

Alan has worked in a range of business contexts across the government and private sectors. He was Director of Professional/Customer Services at Informix during the mid 1990s, responsible for the consulting, training and customer services operations across Australia and New Zealand. Prior to that Alan held managerial positions with Silicon Graphics, Ingres, and with the Small Business Corporation. Alan was a management consultant for the Queensland Government from 1976 to 1987.

Alan Schultz has had a long association with Northern Beaches Christian School, starting in 1994 as a parent. Alan joined the NBCS staff as General Manager in 2001.