van der Jagt

Logistics Team Leader
Data & Performance

Gilbert has held numerous leadership roles at NBCS, including leadership of the learning areas and, in particular, Humanities subjects. Most recently he has been given the responsibility of the newly created Logistics Team, which gives the time and focus necessary for well organised activities, programs and events, drawing on the strengths of those in the team. This frees others to grow learning and opportunities in the school.

The Logistics Team works across five key areas of the school. Management of major events is one of those, as is data analysis. The team also plays a role in communication, especially within the school community. The other focus areas are daily schedules and systems support.

At the heart of the work of Gilbert’s team is a desire to provide an efficient framework of logistical support for all school activities. The team is flexible, being able to be deployed into specific strategic areas to bring about systemic improvement. Members represent a cross-section of NBCS and include a range of teaching and administrative staff with specialist problem-solving skills and wide professional experience.