Lou Deibe

Assistant Principal, Learning

Lou is a highly experienced Primary teacher, who now shares her expertise across the school as Assistant Principal, Learning. Since beginning her teaching career in the UK with a class of 50 kindergarten children, Lou has remained committed to providing a highly innovative, child-centred curriculum, focused on individual pathways of experiential learning. Her work in early years of school followed Reggio Emilia‘s Emergent Curriculum model.

At NBCS, Lou has previously worked as Primary Coordinator and Community Manager for Stage 3, responsible for leading a team of teachers within The Zone. This model for learning uses an integrated learning matrix to deliver multiple curriculum areas, and places a high priority on personalised learning and independence.

Lou is passionate about team-teaching and mentoring colleagues to empower them to be the best educators they can be. She is regularly invited to speak at national education events to share her experience with others.