Stephen Harris

Executive Director of SCIL

Stephen commenced as Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School in 1999. Under his leadership the school has experienced significant growth to become a thriving learning community of more than 1,300 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. In 2005, Stephen founded the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning with a vision to embed innovation into everyday school practice.

Stephen Harris has been in school-based education for more than 35 years, with teaching experience across almost every grade from Kindergarten to Year 12. Stephen studied to be a Secondary English teacher, trained in Primary teaching method, and has completed a Master of Letters in Australian Literature. His firm belief is that every student should love learning, and that it is the responsibility of schools to relentlessly seek to engage students in their learning. No child should be excluded.

Schools must embrace a new paradigm and move away from what was once thought of as “school”.

This new paradigm is one where learning is personalized and collaborative, technology is adaptive, spaces are radically different to the traditional mindset, and a community built on positive relationships is at the core. Teaching and learning culture must be informed by global trends towards change in routines, expectations, perceptions, technology and organization structures in the 21st century.

Stephen is regularly the keynote speaker at national and international education events, sharing his vision for change and the future of education.