Sport at NBCS

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, structured and balanced program of sporting activities that provides students with regular, constructive and enjoyable sporting opportunities. In doing so we seek to foster and develop: character, social relationships and sportsmanship that embodies the Christian ethos of NBCS; the acquisition of skills and physical abilities that enhance personal and team performance; a sense of team and school spirit; attitudes and interests that will see students maintain a long term commitment to an active lifestyle; the development of expertise that allows students to pursue representative sporting commitments.

NBCS requires that students act with a high level of sportsmanship at all times, on and off the sporting field. An NBCS Sport Code of Conduct has been developed to provide practical guidelines that reinforce the positive elements of student participation in sport. All students who represent the school in any sport are required to fulfil all aspects of the NBCS Sport Code of Conduct.

Stay up to date with Teams, Permission Forms, Trials, Gala Days and Carnivals on the NBCS Sports Website: You can also find results and photos after each event has taken place. 


Primary Sport

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Secondary Sport

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