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Stage 1 Science Experiments

Aug 26, 2020

“Who knew Science and Geography could be so much fun?”, Stage 1

In Stage 1 we LOVE LEARNING about God’s creation through Science experiments! So far this term, we have scaled the heights of the Australian Alpine region and pondered “How are snow and frost formed?” and delved deep into the Tropical Rainforest region and explored “How are clouds, thunderstorms and cyclones formed?”.Each week, we love putting our questions into action as we hypothesise and explore our questions. We got our hands sticky making fake snow, we patiently waited as we watched frost appear before our eyes on tin cans. We ‘wowed’ as we saw our cloud form in a jar, and we ‘ooed’ as we saw the movement of warm and cool air in convection currents at work!

This week we have tied plastic bags to a variety of leaves in our own school environment to investigate transpiration. We will check them daily, draw diagrams and record our findings. Do you know what will happen?

Chara Laforest
Stage 1 Teacher



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