Student Design Project: Practical Work Bench

As part of the Beyond Borders extension program in Primary, Stage 2 students were asked to design a new multi-purpose work bench for Practical Activities within their learning space. Students worked collaboratively to decide on vital elements that would need to be included in the design. Next, they had to build a prototype to showcase their ideas and present it to the team for feedback and analysis. After reflecting on all of the prototypes, the team voted for the winning design which incorporated most of the features outlined in the brief from Mr Grimes. 

The design that received most of the team votes (prototype pictured) was created by Year 4 students Riley Dennings and Joshua Iliffe, who responded to the brief by creating a bench that facilitates collaborative work, considers the practical needs of making and building in Stage 2, and is durable.

The workbench will be made predominantly out of plywood, with key features including a roll of butchers paper at one end to pull over the table top, two mounted vices, and a recessed square in the centre to allow for storage and easy access to resources and materials. The legs of the table are designed as bookshelves, with the intent of increasing storage areas within the surrounding space, and there are two embedded blackboard surfaces which can be used for sketching, designing and drafting of ideas as students plan their work. 

The project also required students to draw up a budget, outlining the approximate cost for the design, which they had to present to Mr Grimes as part of the final proposal. They were excited to get the 'go ahead' at this meeting and were asked to present their proposal to Mr Harris as a final step in the approval process. 

The team is currently undertaking safety training for using the woodwork tools and spaces at NBCS, so that they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required for building the workbench. The team will be collaborating with Secondary Design and Technology students in the coming weeks, to determine if they are able to assist by providing resources, tools and expertise as the team enters the construction phase. 

Congratulations to Riley, Josh and the entire Stage 2 Beyond Borders team who embraced the challenge of working collaboratively and creatively to take ownership and make improvements to their learning space.