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Walk in another person’s shoes

Jun 7, 2020

It is easy to feel powerless at the moment, particularly when it comes to the issue of racial injustice in our country and across the world. Listening, reading, and taking the time to walk in another person’s shoes is one way we can make a difference. The Library has put together a display of books written by people of colour, and we hope these stories will be read and shared as we grow together in understanding and empathy.


It was a delight to welcome to NBCS, authors Alice Achan and Philippa Tyndale, to speak about their book ‘The School of Restoration’. It is the story of Alice’s life and her journey of overcoming racial injustice to make a difference in the life of others. At the age of thirteen Alice had to flee her home when civil war broke out in Uganda. After surviving the war, Alice went on to build a school for the girls who escaped sexual slavery, many of whom had babies and HIV and were often rejected in their home villages. This is an incredible story of forgiveness, hope and the power of education.


Emma Solomon
Teacher Librarian

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