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Year 12 Final Farewell

Oct 19, 2020

A Final Farewell to Class of 2020

On Friday 25 September, with great joy, we celebrated our Year 12 Graduation. For family and friends who were unable to be physically present, they were able to join us via live-stream.

At the end of a challenging year, our School Captains addressed their peers at the Graduation with the following words of encouragement:

“I know that we all have a world full of opportunities and challenges waiting for us, and I know we will be able to make the most of them when they arrive. We have been through this year together, as a grade, and have managed to handle the challenges thrown at us. I have seen us all grow stronger, both as individuals and as a collective. We have all learnt how to work under isolation while also maintaining close relationships with our mates. And, we have all learnt how to adapt to the ever-changing requirements placed upon us from COVID. We have all stepped out of our comfort zones and managed to flourish this year. And that’s what makes me proud to be part of the class of 2020.”  

Our Year 12 students have been diligently working with their teachers across this week, as they make their final preparations for their HSC examinations.  

As they complete their last day as students, staff have honoured them and showed our love and appreciation of them by wearing a splash of red’. Year 12 you are well-known and well-loved! 

Please join with us supporting Year 12 in prayer as their written examinations commence on Tuesday. 

Jenny Phillips
Head of Secondary

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