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Year 12 Holiday Workshops

Jul 30, 2020

During the break, NBCS teachers ran more than forty workshops for Year 12. Students have greatly appreciated these sessions and have reflected this in their comments below.

“The English workshops were engaging and extremely informative, providing a great recap on the English course. The teachers worked tirelessly to provide us with an abundance of resources to help us excel in the upcoming Trial exams.” Brooklyn, Year 12 NBCS Student.

“I am thankful to have had the great opportunity to attend both French and Business Studies workshops during this holiday period. They were given by Mrs Mouait and Miss Kottegoda respectively. In both cases, we spent time revising key concepts and sitting a mock examination. This has been an invaluable opportunity for me to refresh my knowledge in areas that I had forgot from earlier in the year and to come to better understand what it will feel like to sit through a Trial and HSC examination. This has allowed me to grow further in my confidence and understanding ahead of Trials and the HSC.” Liam, Year 12 NBCS Student.

“The workshops over the holidays were super helpful for us to revise the content we had learned over the year and find any spots that needed a deeper understanding. It was also great to see friends and work together preparing for Trials. The teachers put in a lot of effort to help us feel prepared and also make them enjoyable.” Emma, Year 12 NBCS Student.

“So far I have attended workshops for Biology, Textiles, Visual Arts and Advanced English. I have really appreciated the amount of time and effort that my teachers have put into them and I have found them to be very helpful. Mrs Reeves and Miss Manchester have put an enormous amount of work into the English workshops and have done so much to ensure that we feel more prepared going into Trials. I would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution that Miss Gray has put into Textiles. She has not only been at school for most of these holidays but has also been here in the Christmas and April holidays too. I am very grateful! Mrs Courtenay has also been running Tuesday workshops for Visual Arts every week for the last two terms which has made a huge difference in the progression of our Major Works.” Chloe, Year 12 NBCS Student.

“The holiday workshops have been great! Amidst the stressful study periods in the holidays it’s been really nice coming into school some days and touching base with teachers who have put in so much effort to facilitate our Trials. They’ve been an immense help and we are so grateful for all their effort.” Gabby, Year 12 NBCS Student.

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