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Year 12 PDHPE Excursion

Mar 22, 2021

Jaz Todd, a Year 12 Student writes about their recent PDHPE Excursion

Our Year 12 PDHPE classes visited Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation to have the opportunity to connect our studies of the HSC curriculum to a more practical approach. We first began by listening to a presentation in which we revisited topics from Core 2, Factors Affecting Performance, the first module studied in Year 12 PDHPE. This was followed by meeting the Head of Performance for Manly Sea Eagles, Donny Singe, who
brought an amazing atmosphere of excitement and laughter to the day, as well as connecting concepts in our studies to the practical application of the Manly NRL team.

A process of choosing the one student who got to complete the VO2 Max Test started a week before the excursion, making it one of the most pre-empted moments of the day. Kevin Charter ended up being the one to do the test, which entailed running for around 25 minutes on a treadmill with gradually increasing speed – a test that is a gruelling and exhausting process where the individual has to push themselves to their limit. The test measured the maximum amount of oxygen Kevin can utilise during intense exercise and is an extremely helpful tool in determining the level of fitness of high level athletes.

The next part of the excursion was based around strength, conditioning and recovery, where we started in the sports centre’s main gym. Whilst learning and practising exercises such as deadlifts, push ups, pull ups and squats, the Manly Sea Eagles team was training on the other side of the gym. This was extremely exciting for the people in our classes who follow the footy, to be able to watch some of their favourite sports people train.

The day finished off with a recovery session which included hydrotherapy in the pool and contrast immersion therapy in the hot and cold baths. The ice bath was a shock to the system and left many of us either shrieking or speechless, but was nonetheless a useful experience to associate with the Recovery Strategies topic within the syllabus.

Overall, we all had a great time whilst learning many helpful and specific examples to use within our completion of the subject.

Jaz Todd
Year 12 Student


#nbcs #lovelearning #respect #gratitude #courage #pdhpeexcursion


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