Last Friday and today, NESA and UAC, respectively, issued media releases. The impact of these medial releases on Year 12 are summarised as below.

Things that don’t change:

HSC Examinations and University Applications

NESA has recently confirmed that the 2020 HSC will proceed in Term 4, with results released as planned in mid-December. The HSC examination timetable will be released to students through Students Online by Friday 15 May – READ MORE.

Additionally, UAC has confirmed that the ATAR will be calculated for Year 12 students in all states and territories as in previous years, providing access to tertiary institutions across Australia – READ MORE.

We will be providing Year 12 students with further information relating to their university applications and their options for various Open Days over the coming weeks, including access to resources and seminars available online.

Assessment Tasks

Year 12 assessment tasks will be completed as scheduled throughout Term 2, with the next assessment task for most courses taking place between Weeks 5 – 9 of this term.

Students will receive at least two weeks’ notice before the completion or submission of any HSC assessment task, with task details also available on Canvas.

Students are encouraged to contact their teacher if they have any questions regarding completion of an assessment task.

Any student experiencing any form of illness/misadventure in their completion of an assessment task (due to COVID-19 or any other factor) is encouraged to submit an Illness/Misadventure Application with appropriate evidence, in order to provide a fair assessment of their performance in the relevant task.

HSC Major Projects, Practical Examinations and Performances

The following practical examinations will be externally marked and the due dates are unchanged:

  • English Extension 2 Major Works
  • Music submitted works
  • Society and Culture Personal Interest Projects

Things that do change:

HSC Major Projects, Practical Examinations and Performances

As has been previously communicated, the Group Performance in the Drama course has been cancelled, and live performances by ensembles are no longer permitted as a part of the Music 1 course.

Additionally, NESA has moved the marking of some components of the 2020 HSC practical examinations for Design and Technology, Textiles and Design and Visual Arts – from an external mark provided by HSC markers to a mark provided by the teacher.

The folios in Design and Technology and Textiles and Design will continue to be marked externally. The extended due dates for these tasks are provided below:

  • Design and Technology – Major Design Project (Product): Thursday 10 September, 2020
  • Textiles and Design – Major Textiles Project (Product): Monday 31 August, 2020
  • Visual Arts – Body of Work: Monday 14 September, 2020

As you would already know the first two weeks of term will be completed through remote learning. It is then our aim that Year 12 will be back on campus full-time from Monday 11 May, 2020. We trust that this will be particularly helpful for them.

Tim Watson