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Welcome to Sarah Trevelyan-Jones, Primary Music Teacher

Feb 21, 2020

We are thrilled to have Sarah Trevelyan-Jones join us this year as our Primary Music Teacher. She has had a wonderful few weeks meeting all the students and staff and a fun start to the academic year in 2020.

Sarah grew up in Melbourne, in a school offering a very traditional, Kodaly approach to music. She spent her younger years singing her heart out, teaching herself piano and then was given the opportunity to learn the French Horn! She went on to study Music at the Conservatorium and took her studies abroad to the UK and looked into the idea of becoming a music therapist, whilst singing at Bristol Cathedral. But it was teaching that was always calling Sarah, and she very quickly settled down teaching classroom music to children K-6, as well as vocal and piano peripatetic work.

Having settled in the UK after starting her own family, the warmth, church and beaches of Australia called her family back and she has taught classroom Primary music at Barker and Roseville Colleges. Sarah now brings her love of learning and musical opportunities for all to enjoy at NBCS. “To share music in the classroom, whether through singing, instruments, ensembles, listening or in composing is a gift which should be given to all.”

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