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Year 7 Launch Day

Feb 18, 2020

It has been an exciting time for Year 7, as they have launched into Secondary School. They have embraced challenges, such as navigating the campus and understanding the routines and expectations of high school students. The whole year group has taken on these challenges with great gusto, and they have achieved a lot in a very short amount of time. Students are actively developing an inclusive community; demonstrating kindness and care for each other.

Last Wednesday, we had our Year 7 Launch Day. This day is to help our Year 7 students learn more about the school, each other and themselves. We spent some time getting to know Mr Watson who encouraged Year 7 to “love others, love learning and love God”. Mr Whitington, our Senior Chaplain, spoke to Year 7 about inclusion and encouraged everyone to look out for others.  We also had several workshops that helped students reflect on identity, getting to know others, learnt how to set up some of the helpful technology and addressed wellbeing and starting school well. To end the day, we had an Amazing Race around the school which saw the ten Mentor Teams racing against each other to complete challenges and break a code.

We had a fantastic day and are looking forward to what comes next for Year 7!

Gemma Zeitunian
Year 7 Community Leader



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