When a student is absent

On the day of absence (before 9am if possible), parents/guardians should advise NBCS via email or phone:

Parents must provide an explanation for the absence including:

  1. child’s name and grade/class
  2. date of absence and expected duration
  3. reason for the absence.


Returning to school

Before a student who has been absent for health or medical reasons can return to school, parents need to download and complete the Return To School form and submit it to the School Office.

Download: Return To School form


Notifying parents of an absence

If a reason for absence has not been recorded by the time attendance rolls are marked, a text message will be sent to parents/guardians alerting them of their child's absence from school.

If you receive an SMS alert and are aware of the absence, please follow the procedure outlined above. If necessary, the SMS notification will be followed up with a letter reminding parents/guardians to notify the School of the reason their child was absent.


Late Arrivals

Any student arriving after the school day has begun needs to be signed in. This is a requirement for all late arrivals, including previously advised late arrivals, transport issues (including late buses), or medical appointments.

If a student is accompanied by a parent/guardian, they should sign in at Reception on the ground floor of the Gateway Building.

If a student is not accompanied by a parent/guardian, they need to have a parent-signed note explaining the late arrival, and may sign in at Student Reception.


Departing early

If a student needs to leave early for any reason, parents/guardians should inform the School Office and sign the students out in person.

For Primary students, parents should sign the student out before collecting them from class.

For Secondary students, parents should arrange to meet the student in Reception, and then sign them out.


Year 12 Students

Year 12 students or Year 11 TAFE students arriving late or leaving early (including for external classes) must sign in and out. They may do so themselves providing they have prior parental permission or are over 18 years old.


Changes to normal collection procedures

If any normal arrangement for collecting children is to be varied, such as a grandparent or family friend collecting the student, the School must be informed in writing prior to the variation.