Campus Tour

A dynamic environment for learning

Northern Beaches Christian School is located in Terrey Hills, about 40 minutes north of the Sydney CBD. Set against the backdrop of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, the campus has a peaceful, natural environment, with first-class facilities equipped for a wide range of specialist learning areas.

Learning spaces at NBCS represent a significant shift from traditional school design. Spaces are created very intentionally to embody our student-led, community-based approach to learning. Much of our curriculum is built around project-based learning with a high degree of choice, with learning spaces making use of custom modular furniture, a robust campus-wide wifi network, large windows with natural light, floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls, and large-screen displays.Families considering enrolment can take part in guided tours of the campus at our Enrolment Information Nights held once per term. 

Core principles for learning spaces

The following considerations are at the core of our vision for the campus, and part of any brief given to architects and builders. The campus is constantly changing, as spaces adapt and present new possibilities. Learning Spaces:

  • replicate real life and professional experience
  • are transparent and democratised
  • cater for a diverse variety of users at the same time
  • are multipurpose, expected to be changed/adapted in the future
  • connect as neighbourhoods and precincts across the campus
  • facilitate use of technology in a pervasive way
  • foster positive relationships and community
  • give users input in the design of furniture and layout
  • allow for furniture to be moved around and re-configured
  • incorporate professional-grade acoustic engineering measures
  • accommodate changing technology and a multitude of devices
  • present learning opportunities in the details of the building itself

Learning Spaces