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Class of 2023 HSC Results


Congratulations to Year 12 for excellent results in 2023.

Congratulations to Year 12 for excellent results in 2023.

2023 saw the strongest set of HSC results achieved by NBCS students to date.

These outstanding results propelled our school up 44 places to reach 88th in the Sydney Morning Herald schools rankings.

Individual ATAR results indicate that NBCS is improving outcomes for all our students. Our highest ATAR was 99.7. We also achieved our highest ever median ATAR, our highest ever mean ATAR and our highest ever lowest ATAR. All these results showed significant improvements on previous years.

In 2023, 48 per cent of our students achieved at least one Band 6 result (subject grade over 90). More than 26 per cent of our students achieved an ATAR of 90 and above, and 46 per cent achieved an ATAR above 80.

Our HSC results reflect Northern Beaches Christian School’s strong commitment to exceptional teaching and learning. We aim to bring out the best in our students to ensure a wide range of options for their future.

It has been our quiet joy to go through results carefully and celebrate the work of all our students. Some students are silent achievers, while others were able to finish despite adversity, and do better than they thought possible. At NBCS we recognise that excellence looks different for every student, and we are proud of the efforts of each one.

Our aim at NBCS is to enable students to take their place in the world, ready to make their contribution for good. We pray that the education our students receive serves as a firm foundation for life: a life of gratitude, respect, courage, compassion and commitment, of expanding opportunities and service to others.

I congratulate Year 12 2023 on their success and note that it has been achieved by students, staff and families working together in pursuit of achieving the best outcomes for our students.


Tim Watson


NSW HSC All Rounders

Congratulations to our NSW HSC All Rounders

These graduates achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4) in at least 10 units of study.

Sahara Nalbandian-Watkis

English Advanced
Earth and Environmental Science
Mathematics Standard 2


Millie Piggot

English Advanced
Ancient History
Modern History
English Extension 1
English Extension 2
History Extension 1
Studies of Religion 1

Mia Viljoen

English Advanced
Ancient History
Modern History
Visual Arts
English Extension 1
History Extension

NBCS Outstanding Achievers

Top Achievers (ranked in the top 10 in NSW)


in NSW HSC Textiles and Design

Kelsey Smit


in NSW HSC Information Processes and Technology

Charlie Campbell

High Achievers by ATAR

Kelsey Smit


Mia Viljoen


Kai Schreiber-Pitters


Millie Piggott


Sahara Nalbandian-Watkis


Tamara Slinger


Sienna Mann


Bianca Sorbara


Michaela Siu


Matthew Burgess


NBCS HSC Snapshot 2024

Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar
Northern Beaches Christian School 2024 results - Average atar

"My journey at NBCS has shaped me into a well-rounded individual, ready to embrace the world with passion, compassion, and a drive to continue learning and reach future goals."

– Sienna, Year 12, 2023

"The statement 'Love Learning', core to the NBCS experience, is something that I have truly come to resonate with and will carry through the rest of my life."

– Chloe, Year 12, 2023

"NBCS has nurtured my problem-solving mindset and has propelled me into a passion for innovation. The combination of these have allowed me to pursue a passion in engineering."

– Oliver, Year 12, 2023

"NBCS has helped me find ways to communicate and collaborate with others, building great relationship skills that will help me throughout my adult and university life."

– Matthew, Year 12, 2023

"I have grown in compassion as I have listened to people sharing their stories. I respect all students and teachers, I have grown in courage as I've learnt to confront my fears and try to overcome them, and I have grown in commitment as I've learnt to set goals and follow through with them."

– Bridget, Year 12, 2023

"Being a student at NBCS has shaped me into a caring and resilient person who doesn’t lose hope when faced with a challenge."

– Tyler, Year 12, 2023

"I have broadened my worldviews and opinions as a result of open discussions and conversations with both my peers and teachers. I have become part of a strong community that relies on each other in times of need and lift each other up."

– Daisy, Year 12, 2023

A chat with 2023 Dux Kelsey Smit

Kelsey Smit was the 2022-23 School Captain, Sportsperson of the Year and HSC dux. Here, she shares her most memorable school experiences and how NBCS has helped shape her character and future.

Which co-curricular activities did you participate in?

I was involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities, particularly sport. These allowed me to form friendships and connections beyond my usual friend circle and across different grades. They have also been a helpful way to take a mental break from studying.

How has NBCS helped shape your thinking?

NBCS’ focus on community and welfare has influenced my personal convictions. The open and welcoming approach to faith has broadened my perspective, enabling me to consider non-Christian views and enhancing my ability to articulate and communicate effectively. It has taught me how to work independently and collaboratively, as well as to give my best effort.

How did you balance all your studies and co-curricular activities in Year 12? 

By understanding that there are points where you can’t do everything. I tried to avoid stress by allocating specific times for various tasks and ensuring I kept my activities separate within designated buckets.

If you could give your Year 11 self one piece of advice about the final two years of school, what would it be?  

I’d advise my Year 11 self to work hard from day one, ensuring a balance between studying and self-care. Prioritise sleep, proper nutrition and regular breaks and choose subjects that you are passionate about!

What would you say is the key to your various achievements? 

The key to my success lies in my perfectionist nature. I’m self-driven and hold myself to high standards, constantly pushing to meet and exceed my own expectations.

What was the most memorable thing you did at NBCS? 

There have been so many moments, like being a part of the NSW Parliament’s Student Leadership Program at Parliament House alongside Tom, where we met other school leaders and build lasting relationships. I have also really enjoyed being part of our school’s sports teams. NBCS encourages you to try out new things and there have been so many opportunities for me to explore my passions and interests.


Kelsey’s Textiles Major Work was selected for the Shape HSC exhibition.

Kelsey played football for her Wakehurst club and represented NBCS throughout her Secondary years.

Kelsey was awarded the Victor Chang School Science Award for excellence in Science.

HSC Showcase Major Works

To view all the HSC Major Works and performances of our students in Textiles, Design & Technology, Industrial Technology, Drama, Music, Extension Science and Visual Art, please visit our Showcase page here.

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