School Leadership

NBCS places a high mandate on vision and leadership. We seek to develop core leadership skills and principles in all staff and students – being pro-active in creating new opportunities for leadership capacity and capability to be nurtured and unleashed. Our approach to leadership is highly collaborative. At every level, collaboration is expected, encouraged, and modelled.

Whilst the Board has responsibility for the over-all vision, direction and financial management of the school, responsibility for moving vision to comprehensive strategy and the effective daily functioning of the school is the role of the Principal, supported by the Senior Leadership Team.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team includes the Acting Principal, Assistant Deputy, General Manager, Heads of Primary and Secondary, and key leaders of teaching, learning, relationships, pastoral care, communications and logistics.

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SLT members are highly capable educators with a strong desire to see students achieve their best. Leadership titles and roles at NBCS are closely aligned to our priorities, and often reflect the nature of their role being a catalyst for change.

Craig Linfoot
Acting Principal

Mark Burgess
Assistant Deputy Principal

Alan Schultz
General Manager

Jenny Phillips
Head of Secondary

Peter Grimes
Head of Primary

Lou Deibe
Assistant Principal - Culture, Collaboration & Pedagogy

Tim Harding
Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning

Chris Woldhuis
Assistant Principal - Student Opportunities

Drew Dickson
Assistant Principal - Student Growth

Mick Norsa
Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing

Lisa Knight
HR Advisor

Jann Ramage
Director of Teacher Quality


Board of Directors

The Board of NBCS is a highly collaborative team, bringing together a wealth of professional backgrounds, including education, finance, business and government. NBCS operates as a not-for-profit company, with the Board adopting a corporate governance model that provides strategic direction.

Members bring valuable experience, perspective and expertise that enrich goal setting and strategic planning processes designed to support and grow the NBCS Mission Statement, “Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action”.

  Rosemary Johnston  Deputy Chair  

Rosemary Johnston

  David Curnow   

David Curnow

  Peter Low   

Peter Low

  Mark Stanley   

Mark Stanley