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12 benefits of a Christian school education

There are many benefits to attending a Christian school. Here we explore some of them, noting that not all of them are exclusive to Christian schools, and that most schools seek to do many of these things, albeit from a different perspective or for a different reason.

A purpose-built, beautiful campus enhances learning

The architecturally designed, purpose-built spaces at Northern Beaches Christian School are as beautiful as they are functional and play a key part in ensuring we can bring our Love Learning vision to reality. Learn more about how the design and architecture enhance learning.

The Power of Quiet Success

There’s a lot of pressure to show off our achievements to everyone. But as Head of Secondary Drew Dickson writes, real success is found in the hidden moments when nobody’s watching.

Tips for students: How to become passionate about learning

Education is an essential part of our lives as it provides us with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in our personal and professional lives. However, many students find school to be a burden rather than a joy. But what if we could change our perspective and learn to love learning at school?

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