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Wellbeing in Secondary

Walking alongside our students towards success

Student wellbeing is essential to the life of the NBCS Community.

NBCS is a school known and appreciated for our strong relational connections, pastoral care, personalised learning, low stress high results environment and our foundation in the Christian faith that provides stability for our present and hope for the future. NBCS aims to create a school where students can achieve at their greatest potential, while keeping stress at bay. Working together as a community, we seek to provide the opportunities and resources to help our students thrive and develop the skills to achieve a healthy balance between study and rest. A pattern that will set them up to succeed beyond school.

Our caring, nurturing community is founded on Christian hope and the belief that every student has God-given potential and worth. We want to see our students not only succeed academically, but in all areas of their life, so they can live intentional, fulfilling lives.

It is important that each student feels safe, supported and has a sense of belonging. Our values of Gratitude, Courage, Respect and Compassion help shape a functional, connected community where students can grow in resilience and self-knowledge and persevere through challenging times.

Our Emotional Health platform provides support to our students and their families as they navigate through difficult times. This platform provides an easy way to seek help for themselves or others, and offers other helpful resources and tools.


NBCS K-12 Wellbeing Framework

As part of the NBCS Strategic Plan, we have developed the NBCS Wellbeing Framework as an intentional and cohesive journey mapped out for K-12 students. The programs relating to wellbeing are based on this framework allowing us to support the development of students in their time at NBCS.

LINK: NBCS K-12 Wellbeing Framework

NBCS Wellbeing in Secondary
NBCS Wellbeing in Secondary

Strong relationships, connected community

We walk alongside families to ensure both parents and students are getting the care and support they need to stay connected and thrive. Raising a child is a joint venture and we believe part of our role is to equip parents with helpful tools and resources to raise resilient, motivated young people. We also hold regular events and seminars, offering insights and wisdom for both parents and students.

We know educating your children is a partnership and we want to actively engage in this partnership. Parents are encouraged to connect with their child’s teachers – in particular, their Mentor. Mentors are teachers who have around 16 students in their care, they meet each day for 20 minutes and the Mentor is the first point of contact for parents. Where possible Mentors will journey through from Year 7-12 with their students. They get to know your child and your family as they seek to provide support. We also have a Community Leader for each year group, who works closely with the Mentors. School Counsellors also support students.

NBCS Wellbeing in Secondary

Student Services – A network of support

Our Wellbeing Team provides important tools to equip and support our students and parents, including school counselling, pastoral care and special events and Wellbeing days.

The Wellbeing Team is responsible for overseeing the pastoral care and wellbeing of students. Services to students include counselling, mediation and conflict resolution, and training in relational resilience.

The NBCS Wellbeing Team is headed by an Assistant Principal and consists of Student Reception staff, three School Counsellors, Senior Chaplain and grade-based mentors.

NBCS Wellbeing in Secondary
NBCS Wellbeing in Secondary
NBCS Wellbeing in Secondary

Counselling services

Our Counselling team comprises of three trained counsellors who work alongside our students in Primary and Secondary. Our Counsellors work in partnership with parents and teachers to develop care plans that support students who are facing struggles or are in crisis.

No tolerance on bullying

Any matters relating to bullying, discrimination or violence are handled by the Wellbeing Team. There is an Assistant Principal who has responsibility to ensure that procedural fairness is shown when handling complaints and investigations. NBCS will partner with families to bring about appropriate solutions.

Our policies and procedures take a strong stand on these issues, but are also built on the belief that every area of conflict is an opportunity to strengthen relationships and teach important life skills to young people. We provide expert conflict resolution and mediation support.

NBCS Wellbeing in Secondary

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