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Learning in Kindy

Discover the NBCS Difference

Loving Learning is an adventure that begins in Kindergarten

We believe that school at NBCS is the beginning of a wonderful, lifelong adventure into loving learning.

From the very first week, Kindergarten students are engaged in learning activities that help instil our NBCS core values of gratitude, courage, compassion and respect.

NBCS Kindergarten

Our approach to Kindergarten

A lot of our learning occurs in small groups. Students rotate around activity stations, which include explicit teaching of new concepts with the teacher and consolidation of these ideas at various independent or small group stations.

The strength of this model is that students are able to be grouped according to need and the teacher can tailor their instruction to suit each group as it rotates through.

The small ratio of students to teacher in this model allows each child to be known and the nature of the group consolidation activities fosters relationship and collaboration from a very early stage.

Our Learning framework across K-12 is research based and combines a blend of explicit instruction, guided inquiry, discovery and curiosity. We want the start of a student’s learning journey to be filled with fun and excitement as they learn how to be at school and how to learn with others. We give students the opportunity to make connections, think together and question their world, as they develop skills across the curriculum.

At NBCS we use a multisensory phonics and spelling program to teach the fundamentals of reading, spelling and writing to students in Kindergarten. Each day, students receive instruction that is direct, structured and systematic using visual, auditory and kinesthetic-tactile pathways to enhance memory and help build a solid foundation of letter/sound knowledge. Students are also exposed to rich texts through modelled, guided reading to develop a love of reading and literature.

Committed to Improve Learning

We are committed to improving student learning in all aspects of school life, especially in literacy and numeracy. To help us achieve this we:

Relationship - NBCS Primary School
Provide a Christian worldview to help students understand the world, as well as their purpose and place in it.
Adventure - NBCS Primary School
Use assessment and data to drive conversations with our students to understand how they best learn and identify their strengths, gifts and talents.
Relationship - NBCS Primary School
Develop a shared language and framework to articulate what successful learning at NBCS looks like.
Adventure - NBCS Primary School
Create and maintain an attractive and stimulating physical environment that supports and promotes learning, positive relationships, resilience, health and well-being.
Relationship - NBCS Primary School
Implementation of researched based interventions to support and enrich student learning.
Adventure - NBCS Primary School
Value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, perspectives and histories.
Relationship - NBCS Primary School

Use a teaching model that includes a blend of explicit instruction and guided inquiry.

Following the NESA Curriculum, our key learning areas in Primary include English, Mathematics, PDHPE, HSIE, Science & Technology, Music and French. Within this framework we are flexible in our delivery of lessons to ensure content is exciting, enriching and engaging. Our specialist teachers deliver PDHPE, Music, French lessons, providing a depth and richness to our campus and often give us opportunities to connect with Secondary students and teachers within our learning community.
All in all, our hope is that every child who comes to NBCS loves learning, feels connected and part of a larger learning community that is able to make valuable contributions to the world around them. We hope that all of our students know that God has a purpose for their life and that they can fulfil their potential and capacity. This is an excellent foundation to build in Primary for our students so that transition into our Secondary school is able to be navigated smoothly.

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