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Kindy Readiness

What Kindy readiness looks like

It is important to determine when your child may be ready to start school and if ready, how best to prepare them for this exciting milestone.

At NBCS, the whole child’s development (physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional areas), is considered when deciding if a child is ‘ready for school’.

NBCS Kindergarten
NBCS Kindergarten

Emotional readiness

Children who are emotionally ready, are able to regulate their emotions and use words rather than actions to describe how they are feeling, particularly when they are upset. They display self-control in most situations.
NBCS Kindergarten

Social Readiness

Children who are socially ready play well with others, inviting them to participate in games and share toys. They can share an adult’s attention with others and follow rules.
NBCS Kindergarten


Children who are ready for school can speak clearly and in full sentences, follow a multiple step instruction and concentrate for the full length of a story being read to them.
NBCS Kindergarten

Cognitive Readiness

Children who are cognitively ready are curious about learning new things. They can count up to 10 objects, notice patterns and letters in the world around them, and identify shapes and colours.
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Physical Readiness

Children should have good spatial awareness and be able to move around competently, without bumping into things. They should be learning to hop, skip and jump and be exploring a variety of writing tools such as textas, crayons and pencils.
NBCS Kindergarten

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