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Safe, Secure and Able to Grow

Whenever a player in the World Cup walks onto the pitch, they do so in the colours and uniform of their national team. They are an individual, playing in a team, representing a nation. The one becomes part of the group, representing the whole. This is true for our students here at NBCS.

Foundations and Finishes

Term 4 can be a time of double vision. What do I need to finish now, and what do I need to put in place for what’s next? One thing that can make Term 4 easier for students is that the finishing touches now are the foundations for the learning that comes next.

We can’t control everything

In our lives, so much happens that is beyond our control. We can’t control the weather. We can’t control the economy. We can’t control the actions of others. But we can control our responses to these things, or our preparation for various possibilities or outcomes that are outside our control.

Character and Learning

The work of education encompasses the whole person. Learning is not solely an academic pursuit. Our character matters more than our intellect.

Making Sense of Life

In our relationship with God we find a new relationship with each other. Relationship beyond the fixed, bounded identities. As theologian Miroslav Volf would put it, we are asked to embrace what we would exclude. We become, he says, porous “bounded yet permeable”. In letting others in we do not lose ourselves but enrich ourselves.”

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