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Into the rhythms of school life

Recently I came across a lovely quote from the work of Frederick Beuchner. In it, he reminds us to pay attention, to our lives and all that is in them.

Safe, Secure and Able to Grow

Whenever a player in the World Cup walks onto the pitch, they do so in the colours and uniform of their national team. They are an individual, playing in a team, representing a nation. The one becomes part of the group, representing the whole. This is true for our students here at NBCS.

Making Sense of Life

In our relationship with God we find a new relationship with each other. Relationship beyond the fixed, bounded identities. As theologian Miroslav Volf would put it, we are asked to embrace what we would exclude. We become, he says, porous “bounded yet permeable”. In letting others in we do not lose ourselves but enrich ourselves.”

The strength of relationship, partnership, and a common purpose

Education is a cord of three strands – students, teachers, and parents. When this unravels, we are not nearly as strong, and things can come apart quickly. But when we work together there is enormous strength, power, and benefit. There is little that cannot be managed or overcome.

Education that sticks

As a school, we want our students to take their place in the wider world, to contribute, to enjoy what life has to offer and to enrich the lives of others.

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