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Christianity in Secondary

Christian life is very much incorporated into Secondary students’ everyday lives.

The word Christian continues to be an important word in the name of our school and is reflected in how we live and share the beauty of faith in Jesus.

We are unapologetically Christian. All our staff are practicing Christians, and we see our job as not only to teach and to care for our students, but to also encourage them to consider a personal faith in Jesus.

Christian life is very much incorporated into Secondary students’ everyday lives. We have regular times that we come together to explore and express faith, and discover what ‘Christianity in Action’ means for us as a Secondary community. Students attend Christian Studies classes to develop an understanding of what Christians believe and will also attend fortnightly Chapel – which is an opportunity to pause and go a little deeper in understanding the Christian faith.

We believe the Christian faith has much to offer in our search for meaning and recognise and respect that faith is an individual’s choice. Students are presented with the Christian message of hope and have many opportunities to explore, discuss and challenge faith in Jesus Christ.

Our strong Christian community provides students with an important sense of belonging, worth and purpose, giving them a true hope for their future. For chaplaincy to be done well at NBCS, it is our hope that we can walk alongside everyone on this sometimes tumultuous road.

By the time a student leaves NBCS, our aim is that they understand the Christian message of dignity, truth, grace, forgiveness, and hope. We believe Jesus’ life, death and resurrection underpin these ideas, and we celebrate that we can be reconciled to Him. NBCS strives to honour the students and families as they question and form their own beliefs. We want students to leave with open hearts as their faith journey continues. Our staff seek to live and share the beauty of faith in Jesus. We do this to serve and contribute to God’s good world.

NBCS Christian Studies Framework

The learning programs relating to Christian Studies are based on the NBCS Christian Studies Framework.

LINK: NBCS Christian Studies Framework

Christianity in Secondary


In Secondary, students gather once a fortnight to pause in a noisy world. We go deeper to find meaning and draw upon the truth and beauty of the Christian faith. It is here we sing together to unify, praise God, and build school spirit.

Watch some Chapel messages and read more from Damien Whitington in the Senior Chaplain’s Blog

Meet our Senior Chaplain

Our Senior Chaplain, Mr Damien Whitington has an important role in providing spiritual guidance, prayer and a hopeful Christian perspective for all students. Working alongside our staff, he creates various opportunities to encourage and engage students in discussions about faith, life, identity and purpose. Students explore who Jesus is, what the Bible has to say about humanity and the world, and key aspects of the Christian faith.

Mr Whitington is responsible for the oversight of Chapel, Christian Studies, and voluntary groups where students can go deeper in the Christian faith. He often says we will teach students ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think, in helping students find meaning, articulate their beliefs, and become the best version of themselves under God.

Read more from Damien Whitington in the Senior Chaplain’s Blog

Christianity in Secondary

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