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The learning adventure begins here

We believe that school is the beginning of a wonderful adventure into learning.

Our mission to provide Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action, is realised in our vibrant, creative and inspiring learning environment that breaks the mould of traditional school systems.

From the beginning of Kindergarten, right through to Year 12, we utilise inquiry-based learning to embrace our student’s diverse perspectives, interests and learning styles. We give students the opportunity to make connections, think together and question their world, as they develop skills across the curriculum, with a significant focus on literacy and numeracy.

Our strong Christian community provides students with an important sense of belonging, worth and purpose, giving them a true hope and sense of excitement for their future.

Purpose-built facilities and technology

Our commitment to ‘Excellence in Education’ is reflected in the stunning design of NBCS learning spaces. Purposefully designed to bring our learning values to life, spaces are flexible, open and dynamic, inspiring our students to learn with greater agility and engagement.

Serving the same purpose, is the employment of leading educational technology within our learning spaces. Our dedicated Primary online learning environment, Primary Education Through E-Learning (PETE), is the digital ‘learning space’ for students, with projects, activities, information and resources connected to each Stage’s learning programs.

NBCS Primary School

Our Values shape learning

Our small classes foster a sense of belonging and engagement in our students, which is fundamental to a positive start to school. Our teaching practice is informed and shaped by our learning values:

Relationship - NBCS Primary School


A positive learning experience for each student begins with positive relationships- with their teachers, peers and wider school community. We believe that strong, positive relationships are the foundation of an enriching learning environment and are the heart of our school community.

Collaboration - NBCS Primary School


Each Stage is a thriving learning community, with students and teachers working together. Teachers work with students to set individual targets and students work with their peers collaboratively on tasks and projects. Across each Stage, teaching teams collaboratively plan and develop strategies to enrich learning programs.

Agency - NBCS Primary School


Through Problem-Based Learning, students are provided with opportunities to be creative and curious, to think critically, to expand their capabilities, develop confidence and become deeply engaged in learning.

Creativity - NBCS Primary School


We nurture creative thinking and are excited by innovative practice and new ways of approaching learning, to help each individual grow. We believe all our students are innately creative, made in God’s image.

Adventure - NBCS Primary School


We believe education is not a transaction of information but a lifelong journey of adventure and exploration. We encourage students to tackle every day with bravery and optimism, facing unknown challenges with courage and determination to help them flourish and grow.

NBCS Primary School

The future is bright

Through our unique approach, we are providing a foundation for confident young people who can be the agile thinkers, doers and world-changers for a tomorrow that we can only imagine.

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NBCS Primary School

Here at NBCS we make the transition to school positive and supportive, enabling your child’s first introduction to the world of school full as one of wonder and excitement.

NBCS provides a comprehensive and well-structured sports program, offering intra-school and inter-school sport. In addition, there are also representative opportunities in a wide range of sports.

Primary Sport

NBCS offers a breadth of creative programs and workshops to enable students to develop skills, follow passions and nurture talents.

Co-curricular Activities

Students and their families are well supported within our community, so they can thrive academically and personally.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Give your child a bright future

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