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Keep informed with the latest news & upcoming events

NBCS is a vibrant, dynamic community, with a great variety of interesting opportunities and events across the year. Our students, parents, teachers and the wider community are encouraged to get involved, be enriched and to connect with our community.

You can stay up to date with all our latest news and upcoming events here.

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Not your ordinary school camp!

Our Student Opportunity Week provides an exceptional range of camps and interest-based opportunities for all of our Secondary students. We spoke to three of our students about what they most enjoyed while on camp.

Into the rhythms of school life

Recently I came across a lovely quote from the work of Frederick Beuchner. In it, he reminds us to pay attention, to our lives and all that is in them.

Safe, Secure and Able to Grow

Whenever a player in the World Cup walks onto the pitch, they do so in the colours and uniform of their national team. They are an individual, playing in a team, representing a nation. The one becomes part of the group, representing the whole. This is true for our students here at NBCS.

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