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Be encouraged by our Senior Chaplain’s blog

Certain hope at Easter

We live in a lavish, beautiful world - a playground to explore and enjoy. However, just about all of us would have experienced the hurt and brokenness of our world. Unfortunately, life can be dark at times. And long periods of darkness lead...

Are relationships worth it?

Are relationships worth the effort, when they can be such hard work? When we see the value and worth in others, we are more likely to work through the mess.

Why do Christian Studies?

A question I sometimes get asked is, “Why do we have to do Christian Studies?” We recognise that many of our families come from a non-church background, so why continue it?  

Faith Journeys-Part 2

Our Senior Chaplain has a conversation with Mr Owen (Secondary Drama Teacher) and Caitlin Abbott (Year 12) about their faith journey.

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