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Be encouraged by our Senior Chaplain’s vlog

Faith Journeys-Part 2

Our Senior Chaplain has a conversation with Mr Owen (Secondary Drama Teacher) and Caitlin Abbott (Year 12) about their faith journey.

Faith Journeys-Part 1

Our Senior Chaplain has a conversation with some Year 12 students about their faith journey.

Mourn. Be grateful. Look beyond.

Mourning, Gratitude and Beyond – these are the three words Senior Chaplain Damien Whitington has focused on in Chapel over the past two weeks.

What it means to be a Christian School

The story of NBCS is the story of many voices. Together their stories create a rich tapestry, bringing our history to life. Their diverse experiences and perspectives are bound together by a common thread. Listen to Senior Chaplain, Damien Whitington’s story as he reflects on his time here.


Nelson Mandela: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”. Courage is one of our values at NBCS. Today, I want to engage with a story about the courage of Jesus, that for me personally, is perhaps the most significant story in the Bible.

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