Learning in Secondary

Welcome to Secondary – looking boldly ahead

In Secondary at NBCS our hope and vision is to help our students develop a love of learning, both here and beyond NBCS.

With a commitment to academic excellence, our aim is to offer consistent and high expectations for our students, helping them to reach their greatest potential.

Our students are supported within a safe, nurturing Christian community, that encourages learning, personal growth, wellbeing, connection and belonging. As a K–12 community, we appreciate our common spaces and resources that we share, such as our Library and Sports Centre, providing many opportunities for our whole school community to connect.

Creating a strong sense of belonging ensures our students will thrive both academically and personally, developing their character and passions, and igniting a lifelong love of learning. It is our privilege to prepare our students for life after school, looking ahead with hope, courage and compassion.

NBCS Secondary School

Exceptional teachers

We place great importance on fostering relationships with students and their support networks, so that we can better understand how each student learns and encourage their resilience and independence.

Our teachers are dedicated and passionate. They make it an absolute priority to establish and maintain a positive relationship with their students, knowing that they learn best from teachers they have a good relationship with. This is a point of difference at our school.

Learning Enrichment

We recognise and foster the individual interests and abilities of students, providing choice and adapting to their learning styles, within a well-structured learning environment. As we seek to support and enrich learning opportunities, we are shaping confident, resilient students who seek ownership of their learning, ensuring they are prepared to thrive and adapt in the world outside of school.

Working alongside our teachers, our Learning Enrichment teacher works to support our teaching staff, equipping them with research-based interventions and collaborative programming to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.

NBCS Secondary School

Subject choices

There are diverse choices of subjects on offer for our Secondary students. Subject choices include:

Year 7
EnglishGeography (for one semester)
PDHPEChristian Studies
History (for one semester)
Year 8
EnglishHistory (for one semester)
MathematicsGeography (for one semester)
PDHPEVisual Arts
FrenchChristian Studies
Year 9 and 10
EnglishHistory (for one semester)
MathematicsGeography (for one semester)
ScienceChristian Studies
CommerceIndustrial Technology
Design and TechnologyMathematics Accelerated
Digital and Software TechnologyMusic
DramaNSW School of Languages
Elective HistoryPhotographic and Digital Media
Elective GeographyPhysical Activity and Sports Studies
Food TechnologyTextiles Technology
FrenchVisual Arts
Year 11 and 12


  • Mathematics Standard
  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Extension 1
  • Extension 2 (Year 12)


  • English Standard
  • English Advanced
  • Extension 1
  • Extension 2 (Year 12)


  • Design and Technology
  • Textiles and Design
  • Visual Arts


  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Legal Studies
  • Society and Culture
  • Geography
  • Modern History
  • Ancient History
  • History Extension (Year 12 only)
  • Studies of Religion – 1U
  • Studies of Religion – 2U


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Extension Science (Year 12 only)
  • Investigating Science

2U Languages French

  • Beginners (for students who have not studied French as an elective course)
  • French – Continuers (for students who have completed more than 1 yr French)


  • Engineering Studies
  • Food Technology
  • Information Processes & Technology (IPT)
  • Software Design & Development (SDD)
NBCS Secondary School
NBCS Secondary School

Careers Advice – Preparing for the future

We are grateful for the opportunity to prepare our students for the world after school.

Building upon academic excellence, we are equipping students with the skills that will help guide them on their life’s journey. Our students are encouraged to grow and develop in confidence, leadership capacity, problem-solving, effective communication and compassion.

Our Careers Adviser Mrs Liz Delevaux provides our students with advice and the latest information to help them make decisions about their future career choices.

The NBCS Careers website provides valuable information and updates regarding tertiary courses, early offer programs, scholarships, career exploration and other events. Our students can also book an appointment with our Careers Adviser to explore their options.

We are inspired by each students’ journey and excited to see what path they will take once they leave the NBCS community.

Purpose-built facilities and technology

Our commitment to ‘Excellence in Education’ is reflected in the stunning design of NBCS learning spaces. Purposefully designed to bring our vision to life, spaces are flexible and dynamic, inspiring our students to learn with greater agility and engagement.

We employ leading educational technology to integrate with our learning programs. During their time at NBCS students will have extensive opportunities to create, share and engage with others through powerful tools and services. Comprehensive connectivity allows each student to use their personal laptop to access their learning resources through systems such as our online learning portal, Canvas. Additionally, we seek to challenge students to create innovative responses to thought provoking problems through the use of industry standard applications. Aspects of this include exposure to emerging technologies such as 3D printers in a wide variety of learning spaces, creative opportunities in music and visual media, and rich databases of tested learning resources.

We also share with parents the responsibility to educate students to be safe, thoughtful users of technology and to learn to communicate within and beyond our community. This integrated approach prepares students for the reality of living in a digital and globally connected world.

NBCS Secondary School

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