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Enrolment Journey

 An exciting opportunity for your child

If you are inspired by our love for learning and would like your child to experience the many opportunities on offer at NBCS within a nurturing environment, we invite you to complete an Enrolment Application.


Applications are placed on our waitlist and are progressed subject to the date of your application. While we welcome your application, we cannot guarantee all applications will progress to an interview or offer of a place.


Parents wishing to lodge an application are strongly advised to do so well in advance, especially for Year 7. Positions on the waitlist are determined by the date of your application. NBCS Primary students have an automatic place in Year 7 subject to a Year 7 Commitment Fee.

Current Enrolment Updates



  • Years K – 5 – Applications welcome
  • Year 6 – Applications closed

2025 and beyond

  • Applications welcome for all Primary year groups


Year 7 – Applications are now closed

Year 7 – Applications are now closed

Year 7 – Applications now limited 

Please contact the Registrar for further information

2027 and beyond
Year 7 – Applications open

We may have limited vacancies in other year levels in addition to those noted above. Please contact the Registrar at for further information.

How to Enrol

1. Discover more about NBCS

Take a school tour to discover the NBCS difference within our world-class campus. You will have the opportunity to meet the Heads of School, our Registrar and see our teachers and students in action.

Further details on entry availability can be found in our Current Enrolment Updates.

Book your School Tour here.

While you wait to visit NBCS, we invite you to download the Prospectus and watch our Virtual Tours.

2. Lodge Application to Register

Once you have decided you would like to be a part of the NBCS community, we invite you to complete and submit the online Enrolment Application Form. Please note that this includes payment of the non-refundable Enrolment Application fee of $350.

Before you begin, you will need copies of your child’s birth certificate and passport, or evidence of Australian citizenship/visa documentation, and your child’s school reference contact details.

Upon receiving your application form, we will send a confirmation that your application has been successfully lodged and we will add your child’s name to the waitlist for the relevant year.

Registration does not guarantee the opportunity for an interview or that your child will be enrolled at NBCS. We will endeavour to keep you updated on the status of your application and will also keep you connected with what is happening in our school community.

You are welcome to apply without having toured the school first although we do recommend booking a tour to give you an insight into the life of our school.

3. Request for Information

Prior to your desired year of entry, we begin contacting families on the waitlist to gather further information. If you wish to proceed with your application, you will be sent the Pre-Interview Questionnaire to complete. You will need to return the completed form by the date specified, including copies of your child’s two most recent school reports, NAPLAN, and any other relevant specialist reports or individual learning plans.

For Year 7, the enrolment process begins two years prior to the desired year of entry and for all other year groups, it begins one year prior.

4. Interview

Once we receive the requested information, we will select students to participate in an interview, based on our enrolment criteria and the order in which applications were received. 

Should your child be successful in reaching the interview stage, we will invite you to attend an interview with your child. Please note that an interview does not guarantee an offer of a place.

5. Offer of Place

Following the interview, if your child has been successful, you will receive a Letter of Offer along with the Enrolment Acceptance Form to complete.  

To accept the offer, you are required to sign the enrolment contract and pay the non-refundable Enrolment Fee and Bond. If enrolling in Year 7, you will also be required to pay a Year 7 Commitment Fee. These fees must be paid before the expiry date of the offer to confirm acceptance. Fees are non-refundable should your child not start at NBCS after your confirmed acceptance.

School Fees

Annual fees are levied equally over Terms 1-4 for Kindergarten to Year 11, and equally over Terms 1-3 for Year 12.


Parents have the option of paying Tuition Fees via 10 equal monthly instalments over the period February to November.

For more information, please view the linked
Terms and Conditions and contact by Friday 10 February 2023.

Fees include most camps and non-elective sport activities. There may be additional cost to parents for activities such as particular camps, co-curricular programs, excursions and elective subjects.


Parents are required to notify the School Office of any changes of name or address, and to ensure the School Office has a record of current contact information, including active telephone numbers and email addresses.

Tuition Fees and Ancillary Charges must be paid by the due date on each invoice. If these are not paid within the period specified on the invoice, administration fees will be charged, and the School has the right to suspend or terminate enrolment.

Repayment of the debt cannot be refused by reason of any allegation or complaint relating to the services provided by the School nor by reason of any set off or cross claim made against the School. The collection process for any outstanding fees may involve placing the matter into the hands of a Collection Agency or a Solicitor.

2024 School Fees 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
(20% discount)
4th Child Onwards
(50% discount)
  $ $ $ $
Kindergarten 11,140 11,140 8,912  5,570
Stage 1 (Years 1-2) 11,340 11,340 9,072 5,670
Stage 2 (Years 3-4) 13,370 13,370 10,696  6,685
Stage 3 (Years 5-6) 14,470 14,470 11,576 7,235
Stage 4 (Years 7-8) 17,060 17,060 13,648 8,530
Stage 5 (Years 9-10) 18,080 18,080 14,464 9,040
Stage 6 (Years 11-12) 21,420 21,420 17,136 10,710

Additional Fees

• A $1000 Enrolment Acceptance Fee (non-refundable) and a Bond of $1,500 for each student is payable upon enrolment.
• A non-refundable deposit of $3500 toward one term’s fees is required to secure Year 7 places – payable as requested.
• There may be additional costs to parents for activities such as co-curricular programs, excursions, some Student Opportunity Week camps and elective subjects.

Enrolment Policy

Please find our enrolment policy LINKED HERE.


Withdrawing a student

One full term’s notice in writing to the Registrar ( is required for withdrawal of students from NBCS. In lieu of notice, one term’s fees will be payable.

If you have any further questions about our Fees you can contact our reception on (02) 9450 1311.

"We, as a family, just want to thank you for the incredible innovation, kindness and perseverance you have shown this year during COVID. It has been a really tough one and you have handled it with strength of character, faith, steadfastness and professionalism”

NBCS Parent

“As the year ends, our family are just brimming over with joy and thankfulness to be part of NBCS and to have gained so much from your teaching, leadership and example this year”

NBCS Parent

“You have each embodied the goals of NBCS in helping our children to love learning and strive for excellence. There is absolutely no price that can be placed on that gift and the long labours of your year are well invested and so valued”

Juliette, NBCS Parent

"I learnt compassion, resilience, humility, honesty, trust, loyalty, kindness, work ethic, accountability, perspective, positivity, encouragement, and empathy. These have helped me now and how I approach life"

Alumni Graduate

"What a fantastic experience my son has had at NBCS to date! It has truly been a remarkable start for him because NBCS has been so inclusive. He's off to a flying start again this year and has even set himself an academic goal for this year!”

Zoe, NBCS Parent

"As parents we value how our school cares for, guides and helps grow our children, far beyond their teaching role. We see NBCS as partnering with us as parents to grow our kids' love of learning, their friends, their school community and our world. We believe NBCS has a huge opportunity to help shape our students as future leaders to love and make their own contribution to our world. Each week we pray for our teachers, our student leaders, all our students and their families."

NBCS Current Parent

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