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Co-Curricular in Secondary

There are many ways for our students to explore and develop their interests

The NBCS community is thriving with a great range of co-curricular opportunities for students in Secondary from creative and performing arts to sport and STEM.

We offer a variety of co-curricular programs that help develop students’ creativity, passion, personal skills, leadership and team work. Our Global Opportunities programme complement activities at school, within the local community and across Australia. Our parent community can find more detailed information on days, times and how to enrol, in the ‘Co-Curricular’ section of our Parent Portal.

Below is a sample of the type of programs on offer for our student community:

Co-Curricular Activities


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A range of opportunities are on offer for students to extend critical thinking, analysis and application of theory and study to real world situations. Programs vary between Mock Trials, Model United Nations, philosophy and political thinking, with clubs emerging to cater for student interest and current global events. A complementary academic assistance schedule provides opportunities for students to obtain support from subject-specific teachers before and after school, as well as some lunchtimes.

Creative Arts

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Creativity is encouraged through different techniques and mediums ranging from drawing and painting to jewellery making. Workshops are proposed based on student interest and can include pottery, painting and mixed media projects. A number of activities are offered as recreational clubs at lunchtime, with others focusing more on the development of specific skills.

Global Opportunities

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We offer an extensive range of Global Opportunities, providing enriching learning experience for students both nationally and internationally. Curriculum tours enhance learning related to specific subject areas, with service and leadership initiatives, cultural immersions, sport tours and language exchanges. The suite of prospective tours across a six-year period is made available to assist students and families with planning, with a strong focus on encouraging students to earn and save to contribute to their experience.

To discover more, visit our Global Opportunities page.


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There are many avenues for students to explore and develop their musical talents with a great breadth of ensembles, along with private music tuition. The diverse program caters for different styles, so that students can pursue different genres such as classical, jazz and pop music.

Further information about our Music programme can be found here.

Outdoor Education

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In addition to Student Opportunity Week for Secondary students, outdoor education can be pursued through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The Award is offered at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, both through progression or direct entry pathways. Duke of Ed comprises service, developing a skill and participating in physical activity, ensuring a rounded and diverse learning profile. In addition to this, students complete Adventurous Journeys, with a range of modes of transport on offer including hiking, cultural explorations, historical trips and scientific explorations.

Performing Arts

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The annual musical is a highlight for many students, with opportunities to take on lead roles, perform in the ensemble, assist with set design and production, backstage management or lighting and sound. In addition, students can participate in public speaking, debating, theatre sports and drama clubs. Dance ensembles across a number of genres are offered, providing students with the opportunity to develop and refine technique.


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We aim to provide students with a comprehensive and balanced program of sporting activities. In doing so, we foster and develop students’ character, social relationships and sportsmanship, embodying our Christian ethos.

Our sports program gives students the opportunity to acquire and develop a range of skills, physical abilities and attitudes that help develop a sense of team and school spirit. This is a solid foundation for a life-long, active lifestyle. Opportunities exist for students to develop skills in individual pursuits such as athletics, surfing or parkour, with team sports available each term for different competitions.

There is also the opportunity for particularly gifted students to develop expertise and discipline that will help them to pursue representative sporting commitments beyond school.

Visit our Secondary Sports page to find out more.


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The STEM program evolves and develops with emerging technologies, providing opportunities in coding, robotics, design and engineering. Activities vary in the degree of skill and technology required, with opportunities for students to pursue State, National and International pathways for a range of competitions.

Student Opportunity Week (SOW)

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Each year, Secondary students have the opportunity to choose their own adventure during SOW. The programs include outdoor education camps, the Urban Challenge, and Indigenous Immersion to Central Australia or the Northern Territory, and other interest-specific challenges. Students can focus their week on drama, cooking, photography, surfing, coding or study techniques. The program evolves each year to cater for student interests.

More details about what is on offer in Student Opportunity Week can be found here.

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