Our World-Class Facilities

We have reimagined what a school building could be

Together, with our architectural partners WMK Architecture, we have realised a bold vision for our learning spaces.

Instead of a typical classroom, our collaborative spaces are designed to foster positive relationships and self-directed learning, in a dynamic, flexible environment. Underpinning the award-winning architectural design, is the belief that spaces need to adapt and inspire new possibilities for learning and bring our learning values to life.
NBCS World-Class Facilities

What the future of learning looks like

Learning spaces at NBCS represent a significant shift from traditional school design. It is a reshaping of thinking, towards a new vision that captures the learning style of the next generation of students. Spaces are created very intentionally to embody our student-led, community-based approach to learning, closely replicating and preparing students for future work environments. Our core curriculum foundation is built around project-based, collaborative learning, which is supported by creative learning spaces that allow for endless configurations. Catering for a diverse variety of users at any one time, all learning spaces are powered by a robust campus-wide Wi-Fi, custom modular furniture, generous windows with natural light, floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls, and large-screen displays. The cafeteria is at the heart of a central covered outdoor space and is a vibrant meeting place for students, teachers, parents and visitors.

NBCS World-Class Facilities

Building a sustainable school

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in WMK’s award-winning design of our latest building project.

Fundamental to the design is a sequence of multi-level pavilion buildings beneath a spectacular 3,000sqm intelligent ‘living’ structure which generates energy through an 80 kw solar system, harvests rainwater, and cools the spaces below. WMK has also designed for maximum use of natural light and ventilation, and windows and louvres in the building and canopy are automated to provide ventilation in direct response to climate conditions using a sophisticated Building Management System. This ensures we reduce our environmental footprint.
NBCS World-Class Facilities

Architecture Awards

As part of their work, designing our campus, WMK Architecture has won several high-profile awards, recognising their excellence in design, innovation, and creativity at a national and international level:

Winner - 2017 NSW AIA Awards

William E. Kemp Award for Educational Architecture

Winner - 2016 National AIA Awards

National Award for Sustainability

Winner - 2016 NSW AIA Awards

Milo Dunphy Award for Sustainable Architecture

Winner - 2016 Good Design Awards

Residential & Commercial Architecture

Finalist - 2017 INDE Awards

Finalist - 2016 Urban Taskforce Awards

Finalist - 2016 IDEA Awards

Finalist - 2016 BPN Sustainability Awards

World-Class Facilities - Awards

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