The Chief Health Officer for NSW, Dr Kerry Chant, has written to all schools across NSW. Her letter (LINKED HERE) contains advice about the implementation of additional measures.

The measures to minimise risk are effectively those that we already have in place.


Parents are reminded of the importance of adults maintaining physical distancing. Effective from Wednesday 19 August, we remind parents that they are only able to be onsite for necessary meetings or to drop off and collect their children.


I note the examples given regarding good hand hygiene. We will continue to provide students with hand sanitiser at the beginning and end of each lesson. The majority of students arrive not too long before Learning Session 1, which will continue to be the first point of use for most students regarding sanitiser, unless they have an earlier gazetted event, or are in a venue, for example, Manhattan or the Library, where hand sanitiser is accessible.


As our currently active sports competitions are local area competitions, they can continue, with the proviso that this is conditional on other schools being willing to do likewise. It is noted that spectators should be minimised – we do not need parents to spectate, but they are required to collect students. We will continue to allow a parent to attend, but they must sign in and physically distance on the sidelines.


The cessation of singing, chanting and use of wind instruments will mean that wind ensembles or those ensembles that contain wind instruments will cease forthwith, likewise choirs and singing at Musical rehearsals. We would like to keep Musical rehearsals going without singing, ie, working on the dancing, movement, etc, in the hope that we can return to singing at the start of Term 4. We are exploring how we might make this work.


The cessation of school-related social activities means a number of key events may not be able to run, or will need to run in a different or virtual format. The Year 11 Leadership Induction will be short and Year 11 only. The Year 12 Graduation is likely to be different also.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We remain vigilant to protect our students and each other. Our aim is to stay focused on learning and wellbeing, and to keep working to remain safe and onsite.

Tim Watson